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The Owl House voiceover artist Avi Roque joined me for an inklusion livestream!

why inklusion

I'm a huge diverse comic book, graphic novel and animation fan.


It started with comics. I'd been reading them for years. But after checking out bajillions of books from the library I started to notice something: You have to actively search for diverse titles if you want to read them. They're just not that easy to find because comic bookshelves can be intimidating (especially for young readers who don't know where to begin). My method had always been to use Wikipedia to find every single book a diverse character is in, and then read those and then move on to the next character. 

Finding diverse animation wasn't much easier. I relied a lot on word of mouth. But there had to be an easier way to find the entertainment that I (and millions more) love. So I launched inklusion comicsTM. To start, I used the platform for my Girl Scout Gold Award project and it was really effective!

Once my project was complete, though, I wasn't ready to stop my mission. So here's what inklusion does today:

  • Creates a safe space to share about diverse comics, graphic novels and animation

  • Livestreams with creators of diverse projects

  • Uses social media to highlight diverse titles and animation

  • Shares news, launches and events

  • Seeks opportunities to make it easier to find diverse media. For example, I'm hoping to work with AwesomeCon this June (fingers crossed!)

  • I even became an LLC! :D

To be included on the inklusion platform, projects must meet my expert-approved Diversity Criteria List. 

inklusion Diversity Criteria List

If you have a title you want me to highlight, contact me here!

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