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why should you work with me?


What a great question! Give yourself a high five. If you want to showcase diverse comics, increase awareness about those books and support diverse authors, this program's for you. 


There are even more great reasons to become a participating bookseller. All the free cool stuff you'll get:

  • A marketing toolkit that will increase attention to your store (and includes items you can keep and use forever and ever)

  • A diversity workshop for you and your team, led by me and a diversity expert

  • An expert-approved diversity checklist to help you identify books you already have in your store that fit our criteria

  • Twice-a-month check-ins with me 

  • National promotion of your bookstore on my website + social media

  • The good PR that comes from supporting diverse causes

Program materials will be made available in May. We go public on June 1 and end on Labor Day. This coincides with summer reading events and relaxed schedules that allow more time for reading.  

My goal is to work with three to five booksellers in cities that host comic book conventions and have at least 10 comic stores and 10 independent bookstores. Those cities may include San Diego, New York City, Seattle, Chicago and Washington, DC.

If you are interested, please contact me by May 4, 2021.  

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